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The goal of this project is to increase childhood literacy and parent-child bonding through reading.  The project relies on a wide range of community partners to build, install, and maintain miniature libraries that can be easily accessed by the community.  While there are numerous little free libraries throughout Beloit, this project is an intentional effort to make sure that all areas of the city have access to these books, especially children’s books.   


This project is in many ways consistent with the goals and expectations of the Little Free Library organization.  They are an excellent resource and we encourage consideration of joining their organization and registering your library. Go to


Why should we

So before you roam I’ll read a Poem 
Why should we read books? 
To help our imaginations soar

And let us hear the lion’s roar 
Ride on the underground railroad

when many lives were bought and sold 
Learn of lives in far-away places

then glimpse our own selves in their faces 
See the subtle beauty of a flower

then learn to speak truth to power 
Discover how we all can learn to share  

and show what it really means to care 
Journey to a galaxy far, far away and wonder if there you would want to stay 
Maybe sail in a schooner with purple sails

and sing softly to the smiling whales 
Examine long past histories

Study neglected her-stories 
Consider why elephants have such big ears  

and what they might remember through their long years  
Learn about the truth of climate change  

how we’re making the world so strange  
Investigate the mighty Aztecs those most remarkable architects 
But you know why you turn pages

and become ever wiser sages 
It’s not just the joy of knowing

the awesome future you’re growing  
It’s because reading is just plain fun  

A journey begun but never done.  
-John Pfleiderer

Executive Director

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Our libraries (so far)


Students of Beloit Memorial High School help create 25 library kits


Staff at Family Services install a library at Horace White Park

Dance FX.png

Students at Dance FX help build and decorate a library for a community project

Merrill School.png

Children from Merrill School at a ribbon-cutting for a new library

Youth Involvement

Why should we read?

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