• Jane Kelhod

How to go from Heart-Struck to Heart-Strong

Updated: Apr 11

1. Move From Unstable to stable


A stable foundation allows you to build, to create, to design and dream. 

A stable foundation allows you to be safe, to rest and renew regardless of what storms; of what fears, failures, rejections, or hardships the outside world throws at you.

Imagine what you can accomplish when you hold a safe, strong, stable inner and outer world, when you hold a stable foundation.


But what happens when you hold a shattered foundation?

Abuse and violence destroy foundations. They destabilize and steal away all of your potential and shatter your internal and external world into chaos.

Then, with your foundation broken and in a heap, others build their dreams on top of you. They choose your life for you and trap you underneath their decisions. They wall you off from the east and the west.

2. Move From being On your own to being with a support team

If you do feel ruble under your feet, feel cold walls wrapped around you, we promise: there is still hope. We promise anything broken can be put back together again.

All you need is some help.

See, to restore a foundation, you need a team and resources, and that's where we come in.

We provide the helping hands to pull you out of the rumble; and supply the forces needed to restore your safety, your dignity, your potential, and your  freedom.