• Jane Kelhod

Beloit Domestic Violence Survivor's Center to Rebrand

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

(The following is based on an article from Beloit Daily News)

From old to new


The name maybe be changing at a pillar of the Beloit community, but Defy's Director of Survivor Empowerment Services, Kelsey Hood-Christenson, says

"The center’s focus isn't changing in any way. Actually. the whole reason we're moving to a new name is to better live out our mission.
Our name change is our newest way of living our mission to the fullest. It's our most recent way 'to champion the inherent dignity of each individual; to interrupt and dismantle the systemic cycle of domestic abuse.'"

From a core team to an advocacy force

In the last two years, the center has added more staff and services to help those impacted by domestic violence. Defy Domestic Abuse Beloit has seven full-time survivor advocates and 12 part-time advocates who manage operations of the center’s shelter and handle individual cases.

The center recently added a bilingual advocacy program and expanded services to reach non-English speaking survivors due to the growing Latinx population in Beloit and Rock County.

Also new in the last two years is the addition of a legal defense fund that helps cover court-related costs for survivors navigating complex legal issues.

Again, Kelsey Hood-Christenson:

"We've grown so much over the last few years, and we don't take that for granted. We do everything we can to nurture that growth - not so we can gain anything but because we know how much need there is in the Beloit community, in our community."
"Re-branding is just one way we're growing, just one way we're helping the center become more inclusive and forward-thinking to reach as many people in the area as possible going forward."