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Operating Expenses

Functionality You Will Love

The majority of the annual operating costs for the Next Steps Family Resilience Center is dedicated to personnel, including: 

*Program Director 
*Case Manager (2)
*Child Development Specialist
*Property Manager 

*Mental Health Therapist 
*Well-being Advocate 
*Financial Counselor/Advocate

Other operating expenses are estimated and adjusted for the incorporation of energy efficiency, including solar panels. Operating costs of the childcare facility are not included in this projected operating budget as the childcare services will be operated by Community  Action Inc. 

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Funding and Service Sustainability

Family Services' confidence in securing adequate

to sustain these services comes from the agency's

history of providing financially accessible services

to resource-limited families. As with the agency's other services, the financial sustainability for this project will be driven by and dependent upon the agency's ability to garner financial and/or in-kind support through foundation, contributions, and grant funding. 

Residential participants will be expected to contribute a reasonable percentage of their income, of which a portion will serve as funding toward operations, and the other portion set aside for the family's use upon exiting services.  the agency will also leverage other non-income benefits available to participants. 

The agency will also seek federal, state, and local funding sources to support the ongoing operations. The interest shown by a wide range of both individual and government funders has suggested the projected outcomes of the program are very attractive. 

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