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The Sexual Assault Recovery Program (SARP) is dedicated to advocating for fair, sensitive, and competent services and treatment for all victims of sexual assault by providing medical advocacy, legal advocacy and crisis intervention. SARP is committed to addressing any obstacle or barrier within the Criminal Justice System or the Health System and providing easier accessibility to these systems. 

We provide services to the survivors and their family for all forms of sexual violence, including recent and past assault, committed by known or unknown perpetrators, and sexual harassment.

We offer

1. Medical and legal advocacy

2. Trauma counseling

3. Crisis intervention

4. Prevention Education training at schools

5. Support groups

6. Community awareness programs

Serving Wisconsin in Rock and Green Counties, the Sexual Assault Recovery Program (SARP) provides services that are bilingual (Spanish and English), free of charge, and include crisis intervention and support (24-hour crisis line and on-call advocate), support groups, medical and legal advocacy, and community education. SARP serves women, children, the LGBTQ community and men.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline


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