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What do

we do?

We provide intervention for employers and employees. Functioning as an employer-sponsored benefit, we help employees address workplace challenges and reach their greatest potential.


Our focus is to help companies create and maintain positive work environments by providing in-service training to improve communication, address harassment issues, identify job burnout and address other concerns relating to employee performance issues.

We provide assessment and treatment options, including referrals to other programs.

Contact us directly and request a session through your EAP. If you are unsure if your company provides EAP services, check with your Human Resource department.

Alternatively, your supervisor may request that you schedule a session.

We address

1. Mental health, offering referrals to longer-term therapy or a counseling program, for cases of


Behavioral issues


Eating disorders


2. Life adjustment, providing brief therapy or guidance to various treatment options like self-help groups, for cases of

Marital conflicts

School problems

Grief and loss


Parent-child disagreements

Blended family conflicts


3. Preventative Services, engaging with you to resolve issues that could lead to mental health concerns if not diagnosed early, for cases of


Pending retirement

Empty-nest syndrome

Fear of job loss

The Program Concept

The EAP program began in the late 1970’s to address drug and alcohol issues in the workplace.


Since then, the help that EAPs provide companies has increased significantly. A contracted program between Family Services and your place of work, EAP aims to help employees and their families resolve interference of personal issues in job performance. 

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