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Next Step Transitional Living Project


What is the Next Step Project?

The Next Step Transitional Living Project will: - Provide safe, stable and respectful housing - Respond to the need for quality and affordable childcare Through trauma informed supportive services, helping families to: - Set and achieve goals - Access mental and physical health care - Obtain education and job training - Learn and share parenting skills - Receive financial counseling - Encourage community through partnerships with the County, City, schools, businesses, social service organizations and faith communities - Beautify the neighborhood with a welcoming space

Why is this project important?

The lack of stable housing undermines families and causes childhood trauma. Almost no one moves from being unhoused to stable housing without help. The Next Step Transitional Living Project offers a hand up keeping families intact, breaking cycles of poverty, reducing childhood trauma, supporting the needs of employers and workers by providing safe, stable housing, promoting a family friendly neighborhood, and reducing future costs by addressing present needs.

Who will be Eligible

Homeless Rock County single parent led families with very young children will be eligible for the program. Referrals will be made by organizations working with unhoused families. Quality childcare for infants through preschoolers for ~20 children of residents and ~50 additional children from low to moderate income families

Where will this be built?

The now empty Royce Elementary School will become a lively space where kids and their families can thrive. Many of the classrooms will be repurposed as apartments and an additional eight units will be built. A separate entrance will lead to a childcare center with the capacity to serve 70 children. Community and administrative spaces will have separate entrances. Next Step will create an outdoor playground for both residents and neighborhood children.


We want to hear from you!

Let us know what your thoughts are on the Next Step Transitional Living Project by answering a few questions via the Google Form below.

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