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emotional balance and growth.

What do we do?

Each one of you comes to us with personal strengths, support and resources. Together, we develop a shared understanding of the factors that pose an obstacle to personal fulfillment and growth. We work with you to identify and enhance the strengths necessary for regaining emotional well-being and balance.

All services we provide are confidential and managed by highly-qualified licensed therapists. 

We address

1. Adult adjustment issues

2. Childhood adjustment issues

3. Conflict in relationships

4. Anxieties and phobias

5. Depression

6. Grief and Loss

7. Self-esteem issues and development

8. Trauma beginning from childhood

9. Issues at your workplace, home and school

As an independent, non-profit out-patient mental health clinic, we offer counseling and psychiatric strategies for helping individual address the discomfort in their lives. As an agency, we trace our roots back to 1914 when our primary role was providing relief to families in the community. Much has changed since then, but our concern and commitment to community has remained the same.

Jenifer Jelinek 

Mental Health Counselor

Joan Curtis

Sexual Assault Recovery Program/Mental Health Counselor

Shylow Prewitt

Mental Health Counselor

Julie Reinhart

Mental Health Counselor

Meet our counselors



Our resident furry, doe-eyed, four-legged friend.


Fees for services are based on a client's ability to pay.  We accept private payment, insurance (see below), medical assistance and other third party payments.  Access to services is determined by our ability to provide the most appropriate service, not by an individual's ability to pay.

Insurance Plans that we accept include, but are not limited to, the following

 Medicaid - Managed Health

Blue Cross/Blue Sheild



Medicaid Title 19


Value Options

The Alliance

We are currently unable to accept

Mercy Care

Dean Care

United UBH



Contact us today.

Jenifer Jelinkek (LPC)

Program Director

Individual and Family Counseling

(608) 365 - 1244


(608) 365-1244

Step in between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Evening appointments are available at the discretion of the clinicians.

Counseling Crisis Hotline

(608) 728-0631

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